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Jan-March 2023

Our Rich Industrial Heritage 

The New Ashgate, Farnham

Outcrop of Granite, Towards The Cheesewring 105x105cm oils and mixed media, including ston
Where the Waters Meet 85x85cm .jpg

January 2021

Reservoirs and Moors of Nidderdale

New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, Surrey 

October 2021

 Featured Artist 

Whitewater Gallery, Polzeath, Cornwall 
And The Land Grew Quiet, Towards The Cheesewring 55x55cm oils and mixed media, including s
When the Moors Settle 100x120cm.JPG

April 2021


Lingwood Samuel Gallery Godalming, Surrey

June 2021 & Nov 2019

Summer/Autumn Exhibitions

Moncrieff Bray Gallery,

Petworth, Surrey

Growing in Strength 55x55cm.jpg
Monastic Moonlight 105x125cm.JPG

Jan 2018

The Natural Pleasures of Mr Yorke
(solo exhibition)

New Ashgate Gallery,
Farnham, Surrey

January 2017

Gallery Artists 

Zillah Bell Gallery,
Thirsk, North Yorkshire 
Order of The Buffaloes 105x125cm.JPG
Bag of Bones 55x55cm.jpgSOLD

April 2017


P Art Ibiza 

October 2016

Sense of Belonging 

McAllister Thomas Gallery, Godalming, Surrey
Buggering On 55x75cm.JPG

January 2015

New Ashgate Gallery
Solo Exhibition 

January 2013

New Ashgate Gallery
Solo Exhibition 

January 2013

Gallery One
Affordable Art, Battersea Park
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