CORNWALL Collection

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Currently available at The Whitewater Contemporary Gallery

Inspired by the dramatic weather and rich industrial heritage of West Cornwall, these mixed media paintings include materials taken from the land itself - slate, tin, copper and stone dust – so that each work engages with Cornwall’s natural elements and celebrates the rich materiality of the land. The collection is informed by walks on which Virginia photographs the unique scenery and records her sensory observations, retracing the footsteps of those who once populated this working mining area.  Away from the bustle of beaches and seaside towns, she explores the remote and marginal landscapes of Cornwall’s industrial past, uncovering unique and fascinating aspects of the landscape, and drawing our attention to the ways in which human activity has shaped the land over the last few centuries, and continues to shape it today. In particular her work explores how nature, over time, in all its diversity, has all but reclaimed evidence of a once busy industrial past in this beautiful part of Cornwall.